The PeopleScheduler is a powerful web-based manpower planning and scheduling system that uses optimization technology to auto-generate optimal schedules that meet your organization’s manpower demands.

In a matter of minutes, PeopleScheduler is capable of producing a schedule that takes into account details such as staff availability, skill sets, operation rules and labour laws. PeopleScheduler comes with a user-friendly, graphical front-end interface that highlights over- and under-staffing.

Our solutions fit industries with a large number of staff or industries where flexibility, multi-tasking and polyvalence are the new trends. 3 specialized editions have been customized to fit specifically the Retail, Quick Service Restaurants and Hospitality industries.

Our solution supports multiple languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Labour Scheduling

Automate flexible work schedules for your staff with our optimization engine

Time Management System

Accurately track and pay labour hours and allowances

Task Management

Effectively assign your staff to strategic positions or tasks

Floor Management

Efficiently control your operations with mobile floor visualizations


Forecast your business drivers & labour requirements using powerful predictive algorithms

Data Analytics

Transform your big data (sales & labour) into valuable business insights with aesthetic visuals

Mobile Self Service

Empower your staff to manage their availability and schedules on-the-go

Casual Labor Management

Organize and compensate your casual labour teams with ease

Benefits of People Scheduler  
Labour Cost Savings
  • Reduces over-staffing, idle time and overtime
  • Maximizes existing labour through sharing and strategic placement
High Productivity Gains
  • Reduces planning and scheduling time, paper work and duplicate entries
Improved Staff Satisfaction
  • Considers staff preferences and allocates consistent and fair schedules
Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improves speed & quality of services by ensuring correctly qualified staffs are on-hand when needed
Strategic Support Decision
  • Evaluate staff planning strategies
  • Hire and train staff when there is identified under-coverage
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Designed and built specifically for store operations, from planning the number of POS registers to be opened to scheduling the cashiers to the POS depending on priority, and assigning tasks to all store operations personnel using various drivers such as customer count, sales amount, item count, queue depth and staff productivity.


Designed to auto-generate your restaurant labour requirements for managers, service and production crews to provide the best service to your customers and reduce wait time. It considers the restaurant configuration, product mix, events, promotions, competitors’ activities and even the weather when computing the weekly optimal manning plans and schedules.


Designed to maximize your guests’ satisfaction by scheduling your human resources from the specific doorman, to you concierge, service staff and cleaning crew, and is engineered to increase your occupancy rates.